73 Year Old Butchered In Ibadan As Oyo Amotekun Apprehends, Parades Three Suspects


73 Year Old Butchered In Ibadan As Oyo Amotekun Apprehends, Parades Three Suspects




Three suspected ritualists were on Tuesday paraded for their alleged involvement in the killing of one Mr. Adeniyi Adebisi Samuel in Ibadan.

The suspects were paraded at the Amotekun Corps Headquarters at Dandaru Area of Mokola Ibadan.

Speaking with journalists, one of the suspects, who identified himself as Ismail Muraina said “I was contacted by Moshood Olanrewaju to get him a human head that he needed it for money ritual, and he gave me N35,000 to get it for him, I contacted Ifa, and gave Ifa the money, so myself and Ifa went to one Babaibaji at Bode Market, but the man couldn’t get the head for us with the money we have at hand, the next thing that I saw the following day is that Ifa just brought a Man, he has already hypnotized him, the man don’t know what he was doing, and he ordered us to follow him to his house where we slaughtered the man.” The suspect said

Moshood Olanrewaju also confessed to be part of a ritual syndicate. He said “I’m the one that gave them the money for human head, I want to use it for money rituals, I was called when the guy brought the Baba that we killed, I was asked to hold the legs of the man and the man was slaughtered in his room, and I was given the head after and I took it home and burnt it to aches with the intention of using it for money making rituals.

“Here is the ashes of the burnt head, I want to use it for rituals, I want to use it to better my life.” Olanrewaju said

The suspected ritualists who killed the man with his knife said, “I’m Olalekan Akande, popularly known as ‘Ogunpo’ I’m 27 years old, I’m a herbalist, I was contacted by this Alfa who briefed me everything about the matter that his friend needed a human head, he told me that they had already contacted one person and also gave the person money, but I was eventually given N15, 000 and I promised to get it for them.

“I took them to where I normally get it at Bode Herbal Market at Molete but the man couldn’t get us one because we don’t have enough money, so I decided to get it for them.

“We were with N20, 000 as at the time we got to Babaibeji’s shop at Bode Market but the money is not enough to purchase the kind of head we needed for the job, so I took the job upon myself to get the head for them, because the pressure was too much on me.

So, I picked the man from road side at Amuloko area of Ibadan and I called the two guys that sent me to come and assist in killing the man and we slaughtered the man in my room.

“We buried the remaining part of the corpse behind the house, it was my landlady that noticed the place we buried the man and called my attention to it, and I revealed everything to her and she was the one that called the attention of the landlord Association in my Area and the case was reported to Amotekun operatives and I was arrested.

The State Deputy Commandant of Amotekun, Comrade Kazeem Akinro Babalola, said “we heard a report about some suspected ritualists yesterday evening.

“We started the investigation and we arrested the first suspect in his house who later took us to the other suspects. The suspects confirmed that they kidnapped a man along Amuloko – Akanran road, slaughtered him and removed his head.

“The head was then given to one Adbulrasheed Olanrewaju who needed it for rituals. We apprehended Abdulrasheed but he had already burnt the head to ashes.”

Comrade Kazeem said one of the suspects, olalekan Akande Aka Ogunpo confessed that he used charm to kidnap the victim. We are still investigating and once we’re done with our own investigation, we shall hand the case over to the police afterward .

Speaking with journalists, one of the children of the slained victim, Mrs. Olaosun Olufunke said the suspect who claimed to be Olalekan Akande lied, she said his real name is Muideen Ogunpo, stressed that he is a member of their family.

She said, it was Muideen that called my Father, Mr. Adeniyi Adebisi Samuel on Saturday to come and collect money for his son, Sunday, and since then we could not reach him through his phone, I was called by my brother’s who were disturbed because they couldn’t get my dad on phone and before my dad went to Muideen’s house on Saturday he briefed me about his going there that Muideen asked him to secretly come and collect money for my brother Sunday.

“Immediately I received information that my Father’s whereabouts is unknown I immediately called Muideen Ogunpo and told him to provide my father but he declined saying he’s out of the town, before I was called today that he has been arrested by Amotekun Operatives, my father is hale and healthy, he’s not a lunatic as claimed by Muideen, he’s 73 years old, I called him on Saturday to come and collect his soup for weekend and it was then that he briefed me about his going to Muideen’s house, and since then his number has not been reachable.” She narrates.

The state Commandant of Amotekun Corp has however, assured that once their investigations are concluded the suspects will be handed over to the police for onward prosecution.

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