2020: A Year To Remember Forever-Niyi Adeagbo AgbaAkin Of Ipapo Land





To be awake is to be alive.” ~Henry David Thoreau


What a year, Bitter and Painful experiences. Despite all,I am still grateful to God.

I must say this year started on a high note full of hopes, aspirations and dreams of consolidation, Alas we were hit by Covid19 pandemic not only in Nigeria but, across the globe resulting to a global lockdown for a better part of the year.

The pandemic affected businesses, people lost their loved ones,a very depressing period I must say.

Coming out of the lockdown, we were hit with the endsars protest, which for me was a call for more responsible and responsive Governance exactly what we promised before 2015.

History never forgets,we spoke ill against the Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan,because of the State of the Nation at the time. Unfortunately,we are not still there yet. I hope with the remaining years,we can do more for the Nation and the Citizen we promised so much.

Meanwhile, the 13th of December has always been a memorable day, since my adulthood . Most of the time, My university friends and I, out of youthful exuberance will converge at rave spots like, T-joint Or Redo, our neighborhood bars then at Bibilari, Bashorun road Ibadan, and probably end up at the Dome,Cotton Club or platinum after posible brief stop over at Juanis,Adesua,2Tech,Tintin or Dbronx.

In 2009, I made a life changing decision to join the Political scene of Oyo State and that has shaped my life till today. Since then, I have met so many great minds, wonderful people and I also met A MAN that is unforgettable, My Hero and Father, His Excellency, Immediate Past Governor of Oyo State, Late Senator Abiola Ajimobi, may Allah Grant him Al-janat Fridaus, Amin.

The 13th and 16th December has always been unique, significant to me since I met Him ( AJIMOBI), Combo or Double celebration if you like,but this year, it ain’t the same without him. May Your Gentle Soul Continiue To Rest In Peace Dear Father. You are Dearly Missed. Always In My Heart!

The people in my adversity, I shall always cherish,I will always love those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark days.

Psychologically,for me this year’s birthdays is simply just to reflect on the past, assess the present and move to the future with Almighty Allah’s mercy.

I take solace in Almighty Allah that gives and take, that knows who we are and the challenges of life we all are going to face, I have accepted the reality of the finite disappointments of 2020, but, I will never loose infinite hope of years to come.

I am grateful for every heartbeats as it is not by might but, rare mercy of you Almighty Allah.

I Wish You All A Better 2021,You Are Always Appreciated.

AgbaAkin Of Ipapo Land @ 45.

Chief Niyi Adeagbo

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