2019 Elections will be Free, Fair and Successful – Satguru Maharaj Ji


Satguru Maharj Ji has said the 2019 general elections will be free, fair and successful, contrary to the predictions of doomsayers. Satguru who is the founder of One Love Family, made this known at a press conference, to air his thoughts on the state of the nation held at the Satguru Maharj Ji village in Ibadan friday.
Satguru Maharaj Ji who also remarked that, the amount been proposed for the coming elections by President Muhammadu Buhari which amount to 242 billion naira is not too much to fund elections in a country as large as Nigeria.
Speaking further on the proposed amount, Maharaj Ji said the proposed amount argued that no amount of money is too much to ensure free, fair and acceptable elections in a country like Nigeria that is blessed with abundant natural resources and human capita!.
Maharaj Ji who affirmed that a country like Nigeria that is often referred to as the giant of Africa should not be concerned about how much is spent on elections and security, maintaining that Nigerians should be more concerned with INEC organising a successful elections rather than worry about the cost.
Maharj ji noted that Nigerians should be asking INEC how they intend to stop underage voting and other electoral ills that has regularly plagued elections in the country. He opined that once underage voting is eliminated votes will count.
Maharaj Ji while speaking further charged Nigerians irrespective of their political or ethnic backgrounds to support the present administration of President Buhari and the Independent electoral commission INEC to ensure that votes count in the 2019 elections and acceptable by all.

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